Reflections of a true Human Being. By John L. Davidson

Thoughts on life

One thing I’ve learned during my fifty-five years on earth is that life and death are merely experiences of the body or of our flesh if you prefer.

If you stop and meditate for a moment and allow your consciousness to not only smell, feel, but even touch those things in your immediate environment it will orient you as to your current time and place.

After you have done this, it’s now time to expand that consciousness to the next levels from the house you are in, to the street, to the city, to your state, to your country and finally feel how you are a small part in an entire planet.

From our planet which we call earth, think and meditate and how huge it truly is inhabited by six billion people of all colors, shapes, languages, cultures, and land masses separated by water called Ocean.

Now follow me a step further and reflect in your mind how this huge mass of everything in slowly turning around and around in itself, while at the same time flying through space in a large circle around a dying star which we call the sun. Although it takes 24 hours in mathematical time for the earth to make one revolution, we are also taught that it takes 365 days for us to complete a circle around the sun. While there are invisible forces at work which keep us tied down to the earth, the fact remains that we are spinning and turning through space as a mass with all sorts of life but with nothing beneath us or over us or to our sides as we glide through what I call the soup or darkness of space and time. In fact one need not be some genius to know that all which man can see and experience outside our world is just like us in a state of constant motion and evolution. Just think of shooting stars, comets, revolving moons and galaxy upon galaxy. All things connected to one another by occupying the same space, just as we are connected to those who live next door, in another country or on the other side of the world.

It is within this connectivity of all matter wherein the truth or real understanding about life occurs. Notice that I did not say death yet but it certainly will be a topic of our discussion.


~ by johnld777 on March 11, 2011.

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